Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use PF 224 urethane for windshield installation?

PF 224 is not designed for windshield replacement. Its drying is not fast enough to comply with the industry requirements. We recommend PF 225 Fast Cure Windshield Adhesive. Follow direction for use.

Which cleaner should I use when preparing fibre parts or plastics prior to repair?

It is important to clean plastic and fibre with an isopropyl alcohol based plastic cleaner such as PF606. A more aggressive solvent could penetrate the substrate and could jeopardize adhesion of the topcoat.

Can I reduce rustproofing to make it’s application easier?

Rustproofing can be thinned up if it has thickened through time. We recommend using mineral spirits. Note that this increases flammability of the mixture. It is important to spray in a well ventilated area and on a cool surface. Do not apply rustproofing to rubber, plastic, fibreglass or electric, brake or exhaust components.

Can paint stripper be used safely on plastic and fibreglass?

Must be used with control and care. Applied on a small surface allows more control. On plastic or fibre, paint stripper must be removed as soon as the paint blisters. Rinse with water to neutralise the residues of the paint stripper.

How can I reduce epoxy primer to be able to use it as a primer sealer?

Primers can be reduced with PF 683 Urethane reducer if the primer needs to be converted to a sealer. Follow mixing and application instructions on containers of both products.