• August 24, 2016

    The Tap Pail

    Pro Form is proud to announce our new 5 Gallon (18.9 L) Tap Pail (Covered by US Patent Application Serial Numbers 62/330470 and 62/337661). The Tap Pail comes with a bung at the side of the pail that allows you to attach a tap for easy, safe and efficient dispensing of the pails’ contents. Simply attach the tap (sold separately) and dispense with ease. Pro Form  [ Read more ]

  • January 21, 2014

    Fillon Pichon MANUAL FILL

    Pro Form introduces Fillon Pichon MANUAL FILL ONE system. Fully compatible with Pro Form’s blank aerosol can. This manual system provides easy filling and the liner (sold separately) prevents contact between paint and the system resulting in a no cleanup process. No need for air compressor simply rotate the top handle that compresses the paint into the can. PF 829M [ Read more ]

  • November 29, 2013

    Black Aluminium Sound Deadening Sheets

    New! PF 364 Black Aluminium Sound Deadening Sheets. Butyl Rubber pad backed with pliable black aluminum sheet. Designed for control of noise vibration and thermal insulation. Self Adhering, Sound dampening, Thermal insulation, Easily Cut, Conforms to irregular surfaces, Flexible. 10 Sheets (30.5cm x 30.5cm – 12” x 12”) Ideal for vehicle doors, floors, roofs and trunks. [ Read more ]

  • November 07, 2013


    Now Available! NEW SIZE of 18 and 24 element mixing nozzles for dual cartridges. Compatible with major brands of double cartridges of 200, 220, 400 and 600ml. Boxes of 500 units. PF 611-5N (18 element) and PF 613-5N (24 element). [ Read more ]

  • October 17, 2013

    Premium Manual Gun

    New – PF 799 Premium Manual Gun for 200 ml and 220 ml Double Cartridge. Will dispense 2:1 or 1:1 mix ratio without changing piston head. [ Read more ]

  • August 28, 2013

    Over 40 years of success

    Pro Form Celebrates over 40 years of success with an all out BBQ for employees. Great food, live entertainment and special presentations to employees with long term commitment to Pro Form Products Ltd - notably, Michel Barrette with over 20 years of service to Pro Form. Michel represents Pro Form in Quebec. [ Read more ]

  • August 06, 2013

    PF 841, 2 litres applicator gun

    Pro Form adds to its rustproofing applicator program by offering the new PF 841 2 litres applicator gun. This applicator gun can be held with the hook/handle provided or attached to the belt for more mobility. Provided with a reinforced canister and dip tube that allows higher pressure to the canister (up to 125 PSI). Higher pressure provides easier flow of high density product and  [ Read more ]

  • March 12, 2013

    Buck Shot Truck Bed Protective Coating

    Pro Form introduces Buck Shot Truck Bed Protective Coating. A superior two component urethane coating that can be applied to metal, wood and fiberglass. Bonds directly to paints, primers and flexes with trucks movement. Not only is it excellent as a truck bed liner, this product has other uses; Home, Marine Industrial, Commercial, Recreational and at the farm. 3 Kit sizes available which includes a  [ Read more ]

  • December 18, 2012

    PF 449 White Peelable Booth Coating

    New! PF 449 White Peelable Booth Coating. A white, latex, peelable coating that can be applied over painted or unpainted booths. Provides excellent light reflection for spray booth walls in order to reveal the true finish appearance. Protects walls from overspray. Can be sprayed over light fixtures and after curing, a cut can be made around the lights and then the coating can be peeled  [ Read more ]

  • December 06, 2012

    2013 Rustproofing stickers

    2013 Rustproofing stickers are now available. If you apply one of the three Pro Form rustproofing formulations, ask your distributor for stickers that attest that a Pro Form product has been applied. [ Read more ]

  • July 01, 2012

    PF 470 Clearcoat

    Introducing a high solids, European style designed clear/ for applications requiring a eurostyle premium appearance. PF 470 High Solids, High Flow 2:1 Clearcoat has excellent flow and leveling. It will dry to a glass like finish in air dry or forced dry applications. [ Read more ]

  • April 10, 2012

    Clear Double Sided Tapes

    NEW – Clear Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tapes: PF 961 (12mm x 18M – ½” x 60’) and PF 962 (22mm x 18M – 7/8” x 60’) and Black Premium Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape PF 963 (6mm x 18M – ¼” x 60’). [ Read more ]

  • January 02, 2012

    Epoxy Primer/Sealer (PF 495 – PF 498)

    New! 2K High Solids Epoxy Primer/Sealer (PF 495 – PF 498) is a high-quality, two component, isocyanate-free product designed to be used as a corrosion resistant primer with excellent adhesion to metal, fiberglass and aluminum surfaces. 2K Epoxy Primer Sealer improves adhesion of body fillers and resists moisture damage caused by water permeation. This epoxy primer also offers additional color holdout characteristics, can be tinted  [ Read more ]

  • September 15, 2011

    Rustproofing applicator program

    Pro Form updates its rustproofing applicator program by replacing the PF 833 1 litre applicator gun to an improved version called PF 838. This new model has a reinforced canister and dip tube that allows higher pressure to the canister (up to 125 PSI). Higher pressure provides easier flow of high viscosity product and minimizes overspray. This new version is supplied with 4 different wands  [ Read more ]

  • July 04, 2011

    Urethane High Build Primer

    Pro Form introduces DTM 2K Urethane High Build Primer (PF 490 – PF 494) - a direct to metal, high build, premium quality, two component, acrylic urethane primer. Primer offers excellent corrosion protection, adhesion and great sand scratch holdout. Higher solids formula provides improved fill and build properties. Primer is available in gray, white, and black. Mix gray, white, or black together to create a  [ Read more ]

  • June 15, 2011

    Partnership with Fillon Pichon

    Pro Form is proud to announce its association with Fillon Pichon in distributing its FILL ONE system. Fully compatible with Pro Form blank aerosol can, this air driven system provides rapid filling and the liner (sold separately) prevents contact between paint and the system resulting in a no cleanup process. Can be use with both waterborne and solvent based products. PF 829 [ Read more ]

  • February 24, 2011

    Rustproof flush mount

    Pro Form adds PF 828 Flush mount ½ inch rubber plug to its rustproofing range of product. Fits standard ½ inch hole. Flush mount plug prevents dirt accumulation often found using hollow plugs. Use PF 847 1/2" STOP DRILL BIT for a perfect holedepth everytime. PF 828-100 (box of 100) or PF 828-1000 (box of 1000) [ Read more ]

  • July 15, 2010

    Zero VOC reducers

    Zero VOC reducer now available. This new reducer can be used in most paint system where PCBTF based reducer is required. Provides homogeneous mixture and optimal flow at a low cost. [ Read more ]

  • July 01, 2010

    V.O.C. compliant

    Pro Form’s full line of V.O.C. compliant products is ready. It was a challenge to produce the new low V.O.C. compliant products while still maintaining the high quality of the products that you have come to know and depend on, but we did it. New low V.O.C. items are identified with a C after the part number. [ Read more ]

  • February 01, 2009

    Eco-friendly products

    Pro Form goes waterborne with our new Waterborne Gun Wash (PF 618), Waterborne Final Wipe (PF 619) and Waterborne Plastic Parts Cleaner (PF 601). Pro Form is committed to working towards an eco-friendly environment. [ Read more ]

  • September 29, 2008

    Smaller quantities

    New for the Do-It-Yourselfer or the professional that requires smaller quantities, a new Consumer Line of products that include various body fillers, fiberglass polyester resin and finishing putties. See items PF 310 to PF 333. [ Read more ]

  • August 08, 2008

    Speed and production

    Introducing our new Super Express One Coat Clear (PF 640). A medium solids acrylic urethane clearcoat for increased shop productivity. This product is an excellent choice when speed and production are required without sacrificing gloss and premium finish. It provides excellent flow, leveling and UV protective properties. Can be sprayed in 1 heavy coat or 2 regular coats and polished in 1 hour. Will perform  [ Read more ]